Walnut peeling machine repair precautions

Since the walnut peeling machine is a commonly used walnut picking tool, it must be repaired in the event of a malfunction. When it comes to repairs, it must not be understood as a big dismantling. Unnecessary disassembly, not only costly, but also often damages parts and accelerates wear and tear. The cause of the failure should be carefully analyzed, and the patient should be relieved of the problem.

Walnut peeling machine

Walnut peeling machine repair notes:

1. The electric shock-proof electrical equipment should be reliably grounded, and the switchgear should be higher than the human head. If the wire is aging or damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent electric shock or fire. Ceramics or glass containers should be used for anti-corrosion preparation of battery electrolyte. When checking the electrolyte height and density, do not allow the electrolyte to splash on clothing or skin.

2. There should be no open flames when repairing gasoline engines. The petrol basin should not be placed near the grinder. Cotton yarn and rags stained with waste oil should be disposed of in a timely manner and must not be littered. The anti-explosion fuel tank and the oil drum are thoroughly cleaned before welding, and it is confirmed that the inner cavity has no oil and gas before welding. In addition, the battery should be closed to prevent sparks from accumulating hydrogen and oxygen in the battery, and explode in the event of a spark.

3. The engine in the anti-scalding repair operation should be protected from hot gas, especially the gas discharged from the exhaust pipe. When the water temperature of the water tank is high, do not rush to open the water tank cover by hand to prevent the boiling water from being washed out.

4. The walnut peeling machine in the anti-stress repair must use the triangle wood to lock the tires. After using the jack to lift the vehicle, you should also use the supporting tools to support it. Before relaxing the jack, pay attention to whether there are people and obstacles next to it, and repair the hydraulic car.

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