Walnut peeling machine seeks innovation in stable development

Walnut peeling machine is the ideal equipment for removing walnut kernel. Here, we will introduce the using procedure of walnut peeling machine.

Walnut peeling machine

1. Before using the walnut peeling machine, make sure the fasteners are tightened,  the rotating part is flexible, there is lubricating oil in each bearing, and  the peeling machine is placed stably.

2. Before the power is turned on, apply the manpower to turn the walnut peeling machine for a few laps. If there is a crash, you should find out the cause and re-energize.

3. The appropriate sieve should be selected according to the size of the walnut.

4. After power-on, try the test first and pay attention to whether the rotor is turning correctly. After the motor is started, the steering of the rotor should be consistent with the direction indicated on the implement. Make the machine rotate for a few minutes, observe whether there is abnormal noise, and the operation is normal and stable before the peanuts can be quantitatively, uniformly and continuously put into the hopper.

5. The solution to the increase in walnut shells is to move the motor down to tension the fan belt and increase the amount of air blown.

6. When peeling, the walnut should be fed evenly and properly. It is not allowed to mix iron scraps, stones and other debris in  machine to prevent the peanuts from breaking or causing mechanical accidents. The outlet switch can only be opened when the sieve surface covered peanut kernels .

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