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Shuliy vacuum packaging machine has the functions of vacuum pumping, sealing and printing in a row, which is suitable for the vacuum packaging of powders and liquids such as meat, pickle products, aquatic products, seafood processing, vegetable, and agricultural and sideline product, dried fruit, grain, bean products, medicinal materials, electrical appliances, chemical products, etc. It can prevent the oxidation, mildew with features of anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, can prolong the shelf life of the product. The surface of the stainless steel case is processed with many special disposition is uniform and luxurious in appearance, and has the advantages of resistance to stain and scratch. The control panel is provided with the emergency stop button. If any abnormality is found in the packaging process, press the emergency stop button to interrupt the process. The machine has two processing chambers, and the sealing length of a single chamber is 400mm.Working efficiency is 1.5 times that of the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine.

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Operation method: A: open the cover plate on the side, add the vacuum pump oil into the vacuum pump to 2/3 of the glass hole. B: connect the power supply C: set the sealing temperature and time according to the material of the vacuum bag D: place products on the sealing strip E: press down the vacuum cover and start vacuuming F: after reaching a certain vacuum level, start the sealing process G: after sealing, the machine enters the cooling state automatically with the air released and packaging procedure is completed