What is the best way to peel cashew—Advanced cashew peeling machine

Nut peeling machine

Cashew/garlic hand-peeling

Peeling cashew or garlic manually is exhausting and time-consuming, and neither the peeling rate nor the peeling damage rate are ensured. Therefore hand-peeling is not a wise choice for food processing plant or a restaurant owner.

Cashew peeling machine | reliable suppliers in china‎

Advanced cashew/garlic peeling machine

Peeling machine invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery independently is characterized by its features of energy saving, high efficiency, low maintenance, and small footprint with sincere service offered by Shuliy’s support stuff. Moreover, the peeling machine made of stainless steel has a prolonged serve life. Due to their professional service and marvelous food processing machine they offering, Shuliy has won great appreciation from customers across the world. The garlic peeling machine can peel the garlic cashew nut automatically applying advanced Air Compressor technique to peel off outer membrane without damage. With quality ensured, Shuliy can offer you with a favorable price with free shipping.

Cashew nut shelling machine in India and Africa

Cashew nut shelling machine has liberated cashew processors from working burden, rejuvenated the cashew industry in Mozambique, Africa thus the peeling machine stimulated their economic growth in a profound way.

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