Where to buy the advanced sacha inchi shelling machine

According to market demand combined with advantages of the previous generation of sacha inchi sheller, and efforts a number of technical personnel made jointly, a new type of sacha inchi sheller was developed and produced, meeting the needs of farmers. The machine focus on reducing the damage rate of sacha inchi and improving the screening effect of kernel and husk. Our factory committed to research and development and production of the new type of sacha inchi sheller, can went to the customer’s working place personally for field trip, and for machine test and debugging, which is in strict accordance with customer requirements for the effective machine operation.

Sacha inchiHttp://www. Walnutmachine. Com/products/sacha-inchi-seeds-sheller-machine/

Our technical staff have visited customers and witness the fresh sacha inchi that had just been harvested. Without being exposed to sun, we can pack, deliver our products directly. Most of customers who has saw the new type of sacha inchi sheller produced by our factory, which has a smooth and scratch-free surface of sacha inchi, made their mind to buy our whole series of production line immediately. Shell stripping rate can reach 96%, shell and seed separation rate can reach 93%. Considering that many sacha inchi growers are unable to get three-phase power supply, our machine adopt electricity for lighting, which can be directly plugged into the power supply for operation and use. The machine designed by our factory is humanized and reasonable.

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