Why Walnut Tastes bitter



Walnut is an ideal choice for food therapy, can also be used as medicine, eat walnuts can strengthen the body and brain, tonify kidney, relief cough and asthma, relax the bowel, but we will find that sometimes walnut taste bitter. Let’s explore the reason of the bitterness of walnut.

Walnut nutrition value

Walnut edible parts per 100 grams, protein content is 15.4 grams, fat content is 63 grams, of which unsaturated fatty acids account for 86% of fat, walnut also contains calcium 108 grams, phosphorus 329 mg, iron 3.2 mg, thiamine 0.32 mg, copper, magnesium, vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin B1,etc.

Why walnuts taste bitter

Walnut has sweet taste, mild temper, non-toxic, slightly bitter, slightly astringent. In traditional Chinese medicine, walnut kernel skin has the function of astringent and styptic treatment. Among them, the bitterness in walnut comes from the brown skin of walnut kernel, which is a normal phenomenon.

How to do with the walnut’s bitterness

Walnut processing line

Some people cannot adapt to the bitter taste of walnuts, but the bitter skin can be removed, in order to remove astringency. There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: peel walnuts and soak them in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. It is easy to peel walnuts and use toothpicks and other tools.

Method 2: To peel the skin from the walnut kernel, first the walnuts shall be shelled by walnut shelling machine, then through sterilization and drying by the thermal drying machine, cracks will be created to facilitate the peeling of the walnut skin.

Intelligent walnut drying machine

What kind of bitter walnuts can’t be eaten?

Walnut of slightly astringent bitter can be eaten, but when the walnut kernel is not white or a little yellow, and taste a little spicy with a bitter and spicy flavor, then it should not be eaten for it is likely to be the rancid deterioration of walnut oil; the moldy walnuts should not be eaten to avoid the intake of aflatoxin, causing fatal food intoxicant.

To prolong the shelf life of motorway walnuts, the vacuum packing machine can be adopted.