Working principle of the latest almond shelling machine for wholesale


Almond sheller

Application and working principle of almond sheller:

Almond sheller is mainly used for stripping hard shell of almond (hazelnut, palm, apricot kernel) of various sizes. Almond sheller is a first – class dehulling that the gap between roll releases can be adjusted. Due to different sizes of almond kernels, after shelling the large almond, adjustment the gap between roll release then strip the smaller almond until almond shelling effect achieve completely. The gap between roller shall be 1-1.5mm smaller than the diameter of almond kernel.(for example,  mix of all sizes of almond kernel including, large almond with diameter of 15 mm, medium of 12 mm in diameter, small of 9 mm, therefore, according to the diameter of raw material: with roll gap of 14 mm, the big almond shelled is conveyed and discharged by the sieving transfer, then almond of medium, small size will fall onto the second layer at the same time then sheller sizing screen below will separate shells and unshelled almond, then discharge from different outlet hoppers. For the second shelling, the gap between adjustment roller is 11 mm for shelling the almonds of medium size, then foe the third shelling, the gap is adjusted to 8 mm for the smallest almonds shelling. For reference, adjust the clearance between rollers to achieve clean and complete shelling effect without breakage.

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