Almond shelling machine

Machine function

The almond shelling machine independently designed and developed by our company is simple equipment for shelling apricot kernels, with single-stage shell breaking and adjustable gap. This unit is a single-stage shell. After the apricot kernel is poured into the machine and the shell is broken, there is a part of the small apricot kernel that has not broken the shell. After screening, the gap of the shell breaker is adjusted and the shell is broken once.

Use range of almond shelling machine

Apricot kernel, peach kernel, hazelnut, macadamia nut, American peach kernel and other nut shelling machine

Features of almond sheller

  1. Easy to operate, one person can operate the almond shelling machine, fully meet the needs of small dried fruit processing.
  2. Occupying a small space, easy to make up the production line.
  3. The machine has the advantages of high output, low noise and reasonable structural design.
  4. Ater-sales service warranty for one year, except for man-made damage

Working principle of almond cracker

The machine adjusts the gap between the double sticks to achieve the function of breaking the shell. The frame is provided with a rotating roller with ribs on the roller. The frame has a ribbed fixed concave surface opposite to the rotating roller. The lower distance between the concave surface and the rotating roller is smaller than the upper spacing, and a hopper is arranged on the frame, and an inclined separating sieve is arranged on the rotating roller and the lower frame of the fixed concave surface to achieve the shell screening.

Product structure

The machine consists of a rotating roller, a separating screen, a frame, etc.


TZ-20380V1.5kw300kg500kg / h1900*800*1250mm

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