Cashew Nut Dryer | Steam Dryer

Introduction of Cashew Nut Dryer

The cashew nut dryer adopts a high temperature-resistant circulating fan, and the forced hot air heated by the electric heating tube or steam heat exchanger is circulated in the box. The design could enhance heat transfer, increase the evaporation rate of water, and shorten the drying time. This cashew tray dryer is equipped with an automatic temperature control system to adjust temperature accurately. Besides, there is an adjustable air distribution board arranged in the box to ensure an even temperature inside the box.

The cashew drying machine has an energy-saving built-in circulating fan, balancing operation and greatly reducing noise and heat loss of the equipment. It also has an air inlet with an air filter, keeping the device clean.


The cashew steam dryer machine is widely used in drying raw materials or products such as pharmaceutical, chemical, nut, agricultural and sideline products. It is also suitable for drying fruits, agricultural and subsidiary dehydrated vegetables, feedstuffs, condiments, clothing, food, and other industries. Anyway, it is a one-for-all useful machine.

Characteristics of Cashew Nut Dryer

  • Reasonable Design

A fully enclosed structure enables air to circulate in the hot air box, regularly discharging hot and humid air and replenish fresh air.

  • Covenient Usage

Low noise, balanced operation, automatic temperature control, simple installation and maintenance.

  • Additional function

The cashew nut dryer has a wide range of application, and can dry all kinds of materials.


ModelCapacity(kg)Power(kw)Consume steam



Heat dissipating area(m2Air volume(m3/h)Dimension(L×W×H)mm

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