Cashew packing machine

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  1. Cashew packing machine can automatically perform bag making, metering, and blanking, sealing, cutting, counting, printing batch number and so on.
  2.  The cashew packing machine adopts advanced microcomputer controller, driving the stepper motor to control the bag length, stable performance, convenient adjustment and accurate detection.
  3. Choose intelligent temperature controller, PID adjustment, temperature difference control at 1 °C, ensure seal is beautiful and smooth.


The cashew packing machine is used for packaging of loose and essential granules in food, cosmetics, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. Such as: granule, tea, plant seed, monosodium glutamate, puffed food, shrimps, peanuts, popcorn, nuts and other granular, short strip, flake solid, large measurement package.


  1. Fully intelligent design, human-computer interface automation operating system, digital control, simple and easy to understand, packaging status on the LCD screen at any time, easy to grasp the production packaging situation at any time.
  2. It has the advantages of low noise, high stability, fast film delivery, anti-slip, uniform film delivery, simple operation, sanitation and safety.
  3. According to the customer’s requirements to be customized, the number of packages can be adjusted freely within a certain range, the weight of the packaging is accurate, and it can be adjusted very conveniently.

Parameter of cashew packing machine:

Model TZ-DL
Voltage 220v 50hz
Power 1.9kw
Weight 400kg
Packing speed 25-50 bags/min
Bag size Longth80-260mm  width 80-180mm
Dimension 1000L*900W*2200H(MM) 

Delivery photo:

Before packing 3

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