Cashew peeling machine


Machine instruction:

The cashew peeling machine independently developed by our company is a new generation of peeling machine, which can not only peel off the nuts, but also peel the garlic kernels, peanut kernels, pine nuts and so on. The peeling rate can reach more than 98%, smooth and no damage after peeling, and the skin and kernel are separated automatically.


Cashew, garlic, peanut, pine.

Working principle:

Cashew peeling machine, this machine needs to be equipped with air compressor, using the powerful airflow generated by the air compressor to form a cyclone is removed the outer membrane of the cashew nut , the skin is smooth, the damage rate is extremely low, suitable for the clean vegetable processing industry. Garlic processing industry.


  1. The cashew peeling machine is fully automatic digital control, dry and peeled, and the cashew is smooth and harmless.
  2. The design is reasonable, the structure is exquisite, the operation is simple, and one can operate the machine.
  3. High capacity and low noise. Small footprint.


Model Capacity Size Weight
TZ-150 100–150kg 640*600*1300mm 70KG
TZ-300 300–400kg 970*700*1500 150KG

Finished product:


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