Raw Cashew Grading Machine | Cashew Sorting Machine

Machine Function

The cashew sorting machine is mainly used for almonds, walnuts, palm, fruit, cashew hazelnut macadamia, and other Granular materials. it can separate the raw material into 3-5 sizes, which can be customized according to customers’ required. Such as 20 mm.20-23mm; 23-26mm.26-29mm.

Product Structure

The cashew sorting machine is composed of a frame, motor, roller screen, hopper, and so on. Easy to operate, no dust and other phenomena.

Working Principle of Raw Cashew Grading Machine

The raw material of different sizes is placed in the hopper, and the bucket quantitative gate can be adjusted to control the feed quantity of the raw material, and the raw material will fall to the sieve body. Then from small to large five different holes, walnut are rolled from the inlet to the outlet, the small fruit will leak from the hole, the big fruit is leaking to the next level, and the classification effect is achieved by this analogy.

Features of Cashew Sorting Machine

  1. When working the cashew sorting machine will separate materials without staying and very fast.
  2. Easy operation and working stable, long service life.
  3. Energy saving, low noise, and little dust.
  4. Wide application, suitable for all kinds of round-shape fruit.

Details Parameters

SLG-800400~500kg/h 2.2kw2.6*1*1.8m800kg