Walnut drying machine


Machine function:

Walnut drying machine is mainly used for almonds, walnuts, peanut, cashew hazelnut macadamia and other Granular materials.

Working principle:

Taking gas as the heat source, the material is dried by the principle of heat radiation, and the circulating hot air of the fan penetrating through the material layer,  heated it evenly to reach a high temperature, so as to ensure the quality, color and taste of the drying material.

Structure and performance:

Walnut drying machine is composed of a circulating fan, an engine block, a baffle net, an electrical control box and other components. The temperature of the baking material is set up to ensure the best baking effect.


  1. No matter sunny days or rainy days, the walnut dryer can be normally functioning.
  2. The drying time  is only 48 hours , the capacity is  big enough.
  3. Using PLC programming intelligent control system. It can  dry automatically without supervising.
  4. Our walnut drying machine is safe and environmental protecting, and drying with no wastes emission.

Details parameters:

Model size Motor Capacity weight
SL-40 2000×2000×100mm 2.2kw 1000kg/case 1500kg

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