Green walnut shell separator shipped to Mexico

The green walnut shell separator can replace heavy manual labor and quickly peel off the skin of fresh walnuts. Recently, our Taizy factory exported a green walnut peeling machine with a processing capacity of 800kg per hour to Mexico, which is used for the deep processing of a large number of walnuts.

Why choose a green walnut shell separator for Mexico?

The Mexican customer has a medium-sized walnut plantation locally, and mainly sells dried walnuts and deep-processed walnut products to the market. With the increasing demand for fresh walnuts in the consumer market, the customer decided to expand a new walnut product chain.

Green walnut for processing
green walnut for processing

Processing fresh walnuts require the processing of freshly picked green walnuts. The Mexican customer said that the workers previously employed by his factory said that they could not accept the work of manually peeling the green walnuts. Even with the use of tools to peel the green walnuts, there was still juice that was difficult to remove from clothing and skin.

We posted a video of our factory’s green walnut peeling machine on YouTube. After seeing the video, the Mexican customer was very satisfied with the working efficiency and effect of our machine, so he contacted our factory.

Features of green walnut shell separator attract the Mexico customer

The processing efficiency of the green walnut peeling machine is more than 5 times that of manual peeling. The processing capacity of one green walnut shell separator is between 800kg and 1500kg per hour, which can basically meet the processing needs of small and medium-sized walnut farms.

Fresh walnut peeling machine for sale
fresh walnut peeling machine for sale

In addition, this green walnut shell separator is small in size, easy to move, and can be used in different processing scenarios. When the machine shells the green walnut skin, the juice produced will not splash out of the machine, so it will not pollute the working environment.

Parameters of green walnut shell separator for Mexico

Model: TZ-ht –1

Capacity: 800kg/h

Power: 0.75kw

Voltage: 380v 50hz

Shelling rate: 98%

Dimensions: 1.1*0.45*0.75m

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