Walnut peeling machine debugging precautions

It is very important to debug the walnut peeling machine before use. It can save time and effort when debugging and use it. Here is a brief introduction:

Green walnut peeling machine

  First, look at the turn direction. The walnut peeling machine is connected to the power supply to see if the steering is accurate. If the electric switch is to be turned on, the machine will be reversed for a long time.

Second, the lower roller cannot move.

Third, the colleague at both ends of the upper roller is evenly deflated, and can not only shrink one side.

Fourth, the screws must be tightened. After the machine is commissioned, the screws should be tightened to avoid loosening.

The above is the debugging of the walnut peeling machine is a few things to pay attention to, choose the quality service, please choose us, and will be your right choice. We will continue to provide you with quality and enthusiasm, and look forward to working with you!

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