Manual walnut peeling VS mechanical walnut peeler


Manual walnut peeling:

  1. Choose healthy, disease free, pest free, intact walnut, after harvest.
  2. Place walnuts with green peel in the ventilated warehouse in the shade. A few days after the walnut green skin wrinkles and shrivels the green walnut peel and walnut will separate naturally.
  3. Depending on the actual amount of dirt, submerge the walnut in clean water of natural temperature for 30-100 minutes, then brush walnuts with toothbrush walnuts, so that the bottom of walnut will contact with water completely. Otherwise, due to the effect of the tension of the water, the bubbles emerged from the oxidation of walnut peel will separate the green walnut peel from the water. After the remnants picked out one with a needle, use the toothbrush to clean up the walnut surface repeatedly until clean.
  4. But to a surface of the walnut, where the green skin covered will turn black, therefore this manual peeling is not suitable for the commodity walnut processing.
  5. Do not wash walnuts with detergent, cleaning agent and alike for these chemical agents have extremely strong permeability, which is prone to cause walnut cracking!
  6. After cleaning up the walnut surface, remove the water remains on walnut with paper towel immediately, then expose the peeled walnut in the open air and dry in the sun completely for at least three days to one week! Do not seal walnuts into the packages or bags. Wait until the water on the walnut surface completely dissipates before packaging to prevent cracking!

Artificial ripening:

Spray over the green peel with liquid evenly. After a whole day, the peel will separate automatically.

Green walnut peeling machine

Mechanical peeling machine:

The green walnut peeling machine of Shuliy is developed after laborious practical experiments, data collected from the customers’ feedbacks, and sufficient researches. The green walnut peeler can dispose of fresh walnuts to obtain the ideal effect of peeling and cleaning walnut thoroughly and efficiently.

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