Automatic Cashew Shelling Machine Factory Price (50kg-300kg)

The cashew nut sheller machine could crack six to twelve nuts at one time. And the automatic machine can use as a single machine or match with other machines in a production line. About the cost of automatic cashew nut sheller, there should be several elements for consideration. Capacity, production line, and machine type.

Cashew cracking and shelling machine
cashew nut shelling machine

Working Principle of automatic cashew nut sheller

After classifying cashew nuts into 3 to 5 grades, we use this sheller to remove the hard shells of cashew nuts. For different types of cashew nuts, the output of the shelling machine and the whole kernel rate after shelling is different.

Adjust the motor speed to control the cashew nut feeding speed. And adjust the gap between blades to achieve the hulling effect. There is a feeding hopper in the upper part of the machine and discharge nuts from the down outlet.

Factors affecting the cashew shelling machine factory price


The automatic cashew sheller machine generally includes several kinds of opening 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 nuts. The efficiency is not the same. Correspondingly, the opening nut number differently means the distinct output. So the cost may decide according to the output. And you may get to know more capacity information in the previous post of automatic cashew nut sheller machine.

Production Line

Basically, we sell cashew nut shellers as a single machine or in a cashew processing plant. For the shelling machine alone, it may be affected by the opening nut number. But for the whole production line, more things need to consider. Such as prices of other machines, a small production line or a large production line, semi-automatic or manually.

Machine Type

Cashew shelling parameter
automatic cashew nut sheller type