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Walnut processing line

Green walnut peeling machine adopts the peeling method of rotary-cut peeling. Once walnut conveyed into rotary cutting hob section, due to its high-speed cutting effect of hob, it can achieve effect of peeling off the green outer layer of walnut, during which process, walnuts rolling automatically in the chamber surrounded are cut by the hob in an all-round way with walnut of smaller size having not been peeled, after that, the peeled walnut continue rolling out from rotary cutting section automatically with a few unpeeled green walnuts are peeled and cleaned by surrounding wire brushes and semicircle brushes rotating rod mounted in the peeling chamber. Finally, the peeled clean walnut roll out from processing chamber to the container. After that, feed in new walnuts continuously with peeling and washing process effects achieved. The clearance between the grille and the rotary cutting hob can be adjusted automatically according to the size of varies walnuts and the thickness of the green peel manually adjusted by increasing or reducing the number of gaskets to reduce damage rate and improve the removing rate.

Green walnut peeling machine

Due to problems existing in walnut processing and market demand, the walnut processing technology has been deepened to carry out further processing, in addition to peeling, grading, cleaning, dehydration, drying, shell removal, kernel shell separation and packaging. For the traditional processing, the vital problem existing is that it is difficult to remove walnut shell manually, thus it fails meeting the requirements of market demand of high-quality products. So it is urgent to develop an efficient automatic green walnut shelling machine. The walnut classifier is a necessary device for a walnut shell cracking machine. For a walnut crusher with a fixed gap, the material size must be adapted to the size of the fixed gap. Now walnut processing includes: green walnut peeling machine; walnut cracking shelling machine, walnut drying machine, walnut sieving machine, etc.