Cheap Eco-friendly Green/Black Walnut Peeling Washing Machine

Walnut processing line


Manual green walnut peeling washing process

After harvesting, the ripe fruit of walnut shall have its outer layer peeled due to rot of the flashy, juicy green peel is inclined to been infected or polluted by infects or molds, thus influence the quality of finish walnut product in a negative way. Also, the processing of green walnut peeling and washing can be a laborious chore to use a knife cutting the green peel then through hand-force to tear the shell apart, then spray-wash the peeled walnut by strong water spray continuously until the residue on the surface of walnut is cleaned up thoroughly. The manual green walnut processing, of low peeling rate, low efficient and insufficient washing, cannot be applied to the commercial or industrial business.


Green walnut peeling machine


Eco-friendly green walnut peeling washing machine

The ecological friendly green walnut peeling and washing machine Shuliy machinery offering is of efficient peeling and washing, low damage rate, sanitary processing, and low energy consumption with a reasonable price. The green walnut peeling and washing machine equipped with the frame part, the feeding part, the upper and lower protective cover plates, the power part of the transmission cover safety mechanism, the single-phase motor, the gearbox, the rotary part, the adjustment grille, the wire brush and the peeling part, can finfish the peeling and washing in a minute. Therefore it is the perfect peeling and washing machine for walnut product factories or plants of medium or small size.