Cheap Small Green Walnut Peeling Machine for Wholesale

Walnut processing line

Small green walnut peeling machine adopts free rotary cutting method, by which walnut poured into rotary cutting unit are cutting-peeled by high-speed blades surrounding the inner surface of walnut.

Peeler with small walnuts who are not easy to be peeled will be convoyed back to the peeling section for continuous rotary cutting or be peeled under the peeling action of steel wire brush. Finally, peeled walnuts roll out into the container automatically. Then new unpeeled walnuts are constantly fed in for continuous peeling. The compact and exquisite design of walnut peeling machine can reduce the rate of damage while improving the production capacity

Green walnut peeling machine

Performance feature of the new green walnut peeling machine:

  1. This product is a new type of walnut peeling and cleaning machine developed by Shuliy’s factory is of light weight, small volume is easy to transport, simple operation, flexible use, high processing efficiency.
  2. The peeling rate of the equipment is higher than 99% with the walnut shell damage rate is less than 0.5%. It is applicable to small processing enterprises or walnut processing business owners.
  3. The green walnut peeling machine powered by 220V, rate of power: 2.2kw, is convenient to use.
  4. The green walnut peeling machine has characteristics of low failure rate, long service life, simple operation, convenient maintenance and no large energy consumptions for long-term use.
  5. The green walnut peeling machine is cost-effective and labor-saving. It can be operated by 1-2 people.
  6. With low investment and quick effect, the cost of green walnut peeling machine can be earned back in about one week.