China walnut huller in Turkey


Walnut processing

Current state of walnut production

According to research, in 2016, worldwide production of walnuts (in shell) was 3.7 million tonnes, with China contributing 48% of the world total putput. Other major producers were (in the order of decreasing harvest): United States, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine and Chile.

The average worldwide walnut yield was about 3.5 tonnes per hectare in 2014. Eastern European countries had the highest yield, with Slovenia and Romania each harvesting about 19 tonnes per hectare. In 2014, the United States was the world’s largest exporter of walnuts, followed by Turkey

Green walnut peeling machine

Green walnut huller/shelling machine offered by trustworthy Chinese supplier

China as country of manufacture enjoys its long history of walnut production, with its large quantity of walnut harvested annually, a great series of walnut harvester, walnut product line has emerged facilitating the proper functioning of walnut processing plants in China. Shuliy, as a leading brand manufacturer in China supported by technical support by their professional staff, has made their way into overseas walnut market by its professional service, reliable processing machinery. Shuliy, in order to leverage their company presence, and to maintain the technology leadership, has constantly invested in technology invention massively.

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