Effective Chestnut Production Line Making its Way to Worldwide Market


Thorn shell chestnuts


The market prospect of Chinese chestnut, which is worth looking forward to

Chinese chestnuts, also known as chestnuts, together with red dates and persimmons are known as “three major woody grains”. Chestnuts are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, a variety of vitamins and other nutrients, and have the effect of strengthening spleen and stomach, tonifying kidney and strengthening muscle, activating blood circulation and stopping bleeding. Chestnut shelling machine can shell Chinese nuts clean and efficiently by adopting the rubber roller cracking and shelling method emulating the hand crack opening method. China has pioneered a variety of ways to eat Chinese chestnuts, such as stir-fried chestnuts with sugar as a snack food, braised meat with chestnut as an ingredient, and for pregnant women and children as a nutrient supplement.

 Chestnut sheller

Rapid development of the food industry, with chestnut deep processing industry get on sounding

In China, Chinese chestnut is abundant and widely distributed, but for a long time, its deep processing industry has been backward. There are few processing enterprises with products only include traditional canned chestnut in sugar water, stir-fry chestnut in sugar and frozen chestnuts. In recent years, China has made breakthroughs in the development of food and the application of food processing equipment. The chestnut shelling machine developed and invented by Shuliy Machinery has made great contribution to the food industry, and the deep processing of chestnuts has gradually shown good signs. At present, when we search Chinese chestnut in shopping malls and online store, the products are no longer confined to traditional Chinese chestnut, sugar fried chestnut, refined chestnut puree, fast-food chestnut slices, chestnut porridge (frozen), chestnut filling cake and chestnut jam dessert, honey chestnut, chestnut flavor puffed food processed by chestnut shelling machine providing by Shuliy. Although sugar-roasted chestnuts is of domestic status in market is incomparable, and consumers say that the new chestnut products are refreshing, and more in line with the principle of natural, low-calorie.