Green Walnut Peeling Machine Chinese Supplier

Walnut has its long history in China. As the most important ingredient in exquisite cuisine of ancient Chinese court, walnut is the most favorable nut has made its way into the nut market worldwide. China as the largest exporter of walnut, (China’s walnut exporting industries occupied a proportion 46% of the whole walnut industry worldwide. Besides, the second, third one on the list are America and Mexico with proportion of 20% in total). A large walnut empire need shall equipped with professional, efficient walnut rising and processing line with qualified technology. Considering walnut with green out-layer is inclined to go moldy and turn into black, which will affect the outlook and quality of the final product. Therefore, a modern green walnut peeling machine is highly required by Chinese walnut producers and manufacturers.

Green walnut peeling machine

The hot- selling high-end green walnut peeling machine invented, developed by Shuliy Machinery with quality ensured is of efficiency, low energy consumption, and is characterized by labor saving, durable service. Moreover, it is the irreplaceable choice for professional walnut provider with medium or small-scaled manufacturing industry for its reasonable price and small footprint.

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