Green walnut peeling machine features and parameters

The green walnut peeling machine is new type machine designed by Shuliy machinery. It is the machine which can remove the peel and clean the walnut, clean and peeling can be achieved by one machine, no need medicine and can take peeling process during picking up.

The power device: the machine needs to be equipped with 3 kW 220V motor four-stage motor

The whole machine function: save money, save time, and save effort.

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Functional characteristics:

  1. It can process 500 kilograms of green walnut per hour, saving artificial peeling costs and time.
  2. After peeling, the walnut has a good product, the yield is high, and the breakage rate of green walnut does not exceed 1%.
  3. Quickly separate the green skin and only transport the walnut back, saving the overall handling cost of the green walnut.
  4. After peeling, the walnut looks intact, clean, and immediately listed, which can increase the market price.
  5. The quality of the walnuts is high, and there is no problem of blackening and mildew after soaking by the traditional peeling method.
  6. The machine is relatively small and light, can run with electricity, reliable operation, safe, simple operation by single person.

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