Green Walnut Peeling Machine on Sale in Nigeria


Walnut processing

Description of green walnut peeling cleaning machine:

  1. The peeling and cleaning machine is a new generation of comprehensive walnut processing equipment Shuliy invented and developed integrating peeling and cleaning functions in green walnut processing line.
  2. The walnut peeling machine is of Light weight, small volume, convenient transmission, simple operation, flexible use and high processing efficiency.
  3. The peeling rate of green walnut is high with the damage rate of walnut shell is small.
  4. Applicable to small and medium processing enterprises and industries and walnut growers and processors.
  5. Low fault rate, long service life, simple operation and easy maintenance; less mechanical parts entailed after a long-term use.
  6. The equipment is stable in operation, cost-effective, time-saving and cost-saving, and easy to adjust.
  7. Shuliy’s walnut green peel hulling machine made of carbonized steel is characterized by its durable use and in accordance with the international food processing hygiene standard.

Green walnut peeling machine

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