Hot selling green walnut peeling machine

Post-harvest operations have been used in order to get a better efficiency in products. In case of walnuts, one of the important processes in improving the quality is peeling the walnut’s shell. So according to the amount of walnuts produced in countries in Africa, Asia and necessity to prevent further loss products, a device for quick removing of walnut’s shell must be designed and constructed. This article examined and compared the differences of peeler machines of Shuliy and that of other machinery comanies, interior and exterior designs and also miscellaneous patents. With the existing literature and according to domestic consumer, the criteria were selected for design of the machine.

Walnut peeling machine

Different models of hot-selling green walnut peeling machine of varies output, capacity are provided: TZ-400, TZ-600, TZ-800. The walnut sheller machine is characterized by low energy-consumption, low noise, and small footprint. With its compact outlook designed by Shuliy’s professional designer. With high capacity and output, and high peeling rate, the wholesome of walnuts are ensured and there is no damage caused by processing. Therefore, the green walnut sheller, peeling machine is popular at home and aboard. Shuliy has won highest prizes by their customers, clients, cooperators.

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