How is the cashew drying process?

The cashew drying machine uses steam or electricity as heat energy. The steam radiator or electric heating element generates heat. Transfer heat to the material with a fan, and constantly replenish fresh air to discharge moist air. The feature is that most of the hot air circulates in the box, which improves thermal efficiency and saves energy.

Installation of cashew dryer machine

The equipment should install on level ground.
The power input of the equipment is three-phase wires and one neutral wire. The total power is 12.73KW, the voltage is 380V, and the frequency is 50Hz.
Put the outer wall of the equipment stably.

Adjust the opening of the air guide plates on both sides of the box to make the temperature in the box even. According to experience, the opening of the upper section of the air deflector on one side of the oven fan (circulating air negative pressure) is relatively small, and the opening of the lower section is relatively large. The opening of the air deflector on the other side (positive pressure of circulating wind) is the opposite, with the upper section being larger and the lower section being smaller.

If the temperature of a certain place is found to be low after the oven heating test, the air deflector near the place should be opened properly. On the contrary, when the temperature is high, it should be properly closed.

After installing the equipment, close the electrical switch. And check whether the circuit connects (the indicator light of the controller is on).
Press the “Power On” and “Fan Start” buttons on the controller to start the fan. And check whether the direction of the fan is consistent with the direction of the arrow and whether there is any abnormal sound.

Cashew nut dryer
cashew nut dryer

Operation method

Close the door tightly and turn the handle of the drain valve to the “circulation” position.
Turn on the power switch of the oven controller.
Set the drying control temperature and upper and lower limit alarm temperature according to the instructions of the dryer controller instruction manual.
Press the “fan” start switch, set the dehumidification time (time relay), and then turn on the heating.
Set the temperature of the instrument, press the heating switch and the oven will start to heat up.
After drying, press the fan “stop” button, and press the power “off” button.