How to Make Walnut Cuisine—Honey Coated Walnuts


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Walnuts as food therapy

Walnut is nutritious and is one of the “Four Major” dried fruits in the world. According to research, each hectogram of walnut, processed by Shuliy’s walnut cracking shelling machine, includes protein 14.9 grams, 58.8 grams fat, in which linoleic acid account for 71%, 12% linolenic acid, and 9.6 g of carbohydrates, dietary fiber 9.6 grams, 30 micrograms of beta carotene, vitamin E 43.21 mg, potassium 385 mg, 3.44 mg of manganese, 56 mg calcium, phosphorus 294 mg, 2.7 mg of iron, selenium 4.62 micrograms, zinc 2.17 mg. By comparison, walnuts are 8.5 times more nutritious than soy, 6 times more nutritious than peanuts, 12 times more nutritious than eggs and 25 times more nutritious than milk. Walnut contains a lot of unsaturated fat and protein that are easily absorbed by the human body.

After to be crack-opened by Shuliy’s walnut shelling machine, the protein walnut contains including lysine which is very important to human body. To have a spoonful of walnuts for one serving a day can both strengthen one’s bodies and ward off disease. Walnut has a unique functions including tonifying, nourishing and strengthening human body. Chinese pharmacist believes that walnuts have the functions of tonifying liver, nourishing the kidney, strengthening brain, sinews and s bones. The regular consumption of walnuts can not only lubricate the blood vessels circulation and stimulate appetite, but also cure sexual hypofunction, neurasthenia, memory decline, preventing kidney stones and so on.

Walnut sheller machine

How to make honey coated walnuts?

  1. Preparation: crack-open walnuts with Shuliy’s walnut sheller for it is of low damage rate that can provide us the intact walnuts kernel for cooking,
  2. Boil shelled walnuts, during boiling, the membrane of cooked walnuts will be easy to be peeled off.
  3. Add certain amount of water to the pot, add a few pieces of rock sugar and a teaspoon of honey, and boil over soft fire until a slightly sticky bubbles appear.
  4. Put in the walnut kernel and mix them well so as to make the walnut kernel evenly wrapped by honey syrup.
  5. When the oil is hot in frying pan, add coated walnut kernels in and cook slowly until they turn crispy
  6. Remove and plate immediately, sprinkle onto it with sesame.