How to open sacha inchi.


Sacha inchi


Food value of sacha inchi

Sacha inchi is originate to Amazon Rainforest in Peru, and has been cultivated by indigenous people for centuries, and will grow in warm climates up to altitudes of 1,700 meters (5,500 feet) as long as there is continued availability of water and good drainage. Sacha inchi is touted by many as one of the world’s healthiest magic foods. Also known as Inca peanuts or Inca nuts, this dry roasted and unsalted snack is among the richest sources of omega fatty acids, which can balance the cortisol level. Also, Sacha inchi seeds are rich in protein supporting the proper function of human body, fiber and antioxidants keeping you young and with healthy and beautiful body curve.

Inchi seeds sheller machine


Industrial sacha inchi cracking method

The sacha inchi shelling machine developed by Shuliy Machinery is invented after intensive scientific researches and based on mechanic principle. The sacha inchi cracking machine is consisted of inlet hopper, hoister, shell separator, electric cabinet, and a cracking chamber, can crack open sacha inchi with high processing efficiency with the shelled kernel remain intact. The sacha inchi shelling machine characterized by eco-friendly processing method and low energy consumption can not only improve the mechanization of sacha inchi production line, but meet the requirement of environment protection.