How to peel green walnut without stain?

Walnut processing line

How to peel green walnut without a hand turning black? After harvest, walnuts are gathered and collected, yet the perishable green walnut peel is always a back-breaking chore to most of walnut orchard owners. If your hands got stained by walnut peel, they will turn black, and unfortunately, these “black tattoo” is hard to be removed by physical ways so far. Imagine if you went to the public occasion and you bumped into an acquaintance who wants to shake your hands by chance. Awkward. Don’t worry, the efficient green walnut peeling machine is coming to your aid!

  1. Main structure of the new green walnut peeling machine:

New green walnut peeling cleaning machine is mainly composed of rack section, feeding part: upper and lower protective cover plate, transmission cover safe-keeping unit; Single-phase motor, triangular belt transmission, and other parts of power, water pump; Spinning drum, adjusting grille, wire wool brush and other peeling parts. New walnut peeling the machine equipped with water cycling cleaning invented and developed by Shuliy is characterized by its durable use, consist peeling effect and high peeling rate without walnuts peeled be polluted.

Green walnut peeling machine

  1. The working principle of the new green walnut peeling cleaning machine:

New green walnut peeling, with free rotary cutting adopted, walnut poured into rotary cutting hob, under the high-speed operation of the hob peeling, walnut surrounded by the hob are peeled, and walnuts of small diameter will continuously roll back into rotary peeling area for husking. Then peeled walnuts roll out into the container automatically. Un-peeled walnuts are constantly fed in, then be peeled and discharged from the outlet hopper of green walnut peeling machine. The distance between the grille and the rotary hob can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the walnut, the thickness of the green peel by adding or removing gaskets for adjustment, in order to reduce the rate of shell damage and to improve the peeling rate.