Instructions of high energy saving green walnut sheller with large output

Walnut processing


Safety warning  of  green walnut peeler

After machine started, do not touch the rotating parts by hand. It is strictly forbidden to put hand into the feeding mouth.

Green walnut peeling machine

Use and maintenance

  1. Connect the power supply, run unloaded test to check whether the rotating direction of spindle direction is consistent with the rotary cutting direction of the blade. After 10 minutes of idling, stop the machine to check whether the regulating grid nut is loose and whether the wire brush is tight or not;
  2. Add some green walnuts and adjust the gap between the grille and the hob according to the size of the walnuts;
  3. After being adjusted, start conventional operation procedure. Connect the water pipe to water supply, rinse with water, and add green walnut through the feeding port uniformly. The screening process shall be carried out first to pick out ultra large walnuts for individual peeling for the large size difference of the walnut can reduce the efficient peeling effect of walnut peeling.
  4. If it is found that the green peel has not been completely removed after whole processing, the green walnut unpeeled can be picked out and re-fed into the feeding hopper to peel again
  5. Check the speed reducer before and after each work. If phenomenon of abnormal sound or overheating is found, open the engine cover to check oil level.
  6. After each shift, rinse the walnut skin and mucus sticking to the machine with clean water to ensure smooth operation of green walnut peeler.The machine invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery adopts free rotary cutting and peeling method.