Large Rolling Walnut Sorting Machine of China Supplier


Walnut processing


Large roller walnut macadamias classifier sorting machine: all parts of the barrel inside and outside are full polished to avoid scratching damage caused by walnuts, roller Angle and drum rotational speed can be adjusted in accordance to customers’ requirements, and the aperture size can be customized according to different sorting of walnuts of shape sizes or different application to different production. The walnut sorting machine is widely applied to walnut, pecan screening and grading in production line.

Working principle of large roller walnut fruit classifier:

Due to the sieving effect, the walnuts are conveyed along the graded screen and are sorted by different sizes of meshes or cracks, the minimum nut will drop down through the minimum grid, the larger nut through the larger grid, and thus walnuts of different sizes are selected and sorting according to the mesh’s sizes. Different varieties of walnuts of different sizes are are divided into 3 ~ 4 grades, and for some occasions are divided into 5 grades.

A high accuracy walnut sorting machine

After-sales commitment:

All walnut sorting machine manufactured by Shuliy machinery co., ltd. will be tested before shipment. The equipment will be delivered to the customer after passing the test. Shuliy provide a full set of pre-sales and after-sales services such as installation, commissioning, maintenance and technical consultation, and provide thoughtful, meticulous and timely solutions to customer. All products sold within a year of free warranty and lifelong technical service.