Multifunctional Walnut Sorting Machine

All customers want to purchase the multifunctional machine for it’s a great deal to buy one machine but get more than one functions. To meet our client’s needs is our ultimate aim, so, after a lone-time investigation and research, Shuliy has invented a nut sorting machine, which can deal with all kinds of round-shape nuts and fruits. Now let me take you to have a look of this multifunctional walnut sorting machine.

A high accuracy walnut sorting machine Multifunctional walnut sorting machinejpg

There is two sizes of the multsorting machine for you to choose from: Model SLG-800, 2.6*1*1.8m, and SLG-2000, 8*1.9*3.2m. These two models share the same design, they all equipped with sieving screens and five sorting holes to sort five different sizes of nut or fruit. The first step can be accomplished by one operator, the only thing the he should do is pouring the raw materials into the feeding entrance, then no more few minutes later, gather the processed walnuts or fruit from the bottom of the walnut sorting machine. The whole procedure is easy and quick, so the walnut sorting machine meets all needs of small and medium size factories or individual owners.

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