Semi-automatic cashew sheller widely using in India

Cashew nut, found its way into the most popular nuts, is characterized by its rich food nutrition. And as the largest producer, exporter, India cashew manufacture release hundreds and thousand tons of cashew nut product annually.

Semi-automatic cashew sheller widely using in india

The cashew nut processing industry in Indian has been mostly confined to the rural sector. Where the conventional manual hand beating method for shelling is predominantly in practice. The irregular shape of the cashew nut and the brittleness of the kernel inside the hard shell make the shelling process complicated and results in breakage of kernels leading to reduction of market price and acceptability for export. The cashew nut shell liquid exuded over the drum roasted cashew nut shell surface is toxic that can causes allergic effect on human skin. This method is very ineffective, insipid, time consuming and labor intensive with lower output capacity and as such lacks desirable quality control standards at international level for export. Semi-Automatic Shelling Machine Shuliy invented and developed independently with an output capacity of 35-40kg/hour can be the solution to these cashew nut shelling issues.

Model TZ-BZD semi-automatic cashew nut sheller can process 6 cashew (separated by the walnut grading machine are with same width) nuts simultaneously. And it has the features of durable use, energy consumption free and labor saving.

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