Small-sized Green Walnut Peeling Machine

With the soaring development of catering industry, the walnut has came into consumer’s view as a nutritious green food. However, due to the difficulty of peeling the green peel of walnuts, more and more business men have introduced green walnut processing line into their product factories. Among those walnut processing line, Shuliy’s green walnut peeling machine has won a lot of appreciation from the customers.Here is the exquisite design of our small-sized green walnut peeling machine:

Small sized green walnut peeling machine

Compared with the exhausting manhandle green walnut peeling, the green walnut peeling machine is a stunning revolutionary invent for the walnuts retailers and walnut catering industry. Due to its small foot print, the peeling machine can be placed or moved to anywhere by oneself easily, the peeling machine is also designed peeling green walnuts by pouring them into the pulley drive with water, the peeled walnuts brought out through the outlet are all cleaned up and remained its integrity. Although it is small, it is designed as a device with large output, and quality guaranteed.

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