Small-sized Walnut Green Peel Peeler Working Principle


Walnut processing line

Mechanical Structure

TZ series walnut peeling machine is composed of driving parts including frame part and feeding part, upper and lower protective cover plate and transmission cover; single-phase motor, triangle belt drive, gearbox; peeling parts including cutting roller, adjusting grille, wire brush and so on.

Green walnut peeling machine

Mechanical Principles

The walnut peeling machine adopts free rotary cutting method–walnut in rotary cutting section are peeled by high-speed operation of the cutter, walnuts rolling automatically is peeled in an all-round way, and the walnut left unpeeled with smaller diameter are rolling continuous into rotary cutting area thus its green husk be cut and peeled by steel wire brush, then the peeled walnut are gathered and sent into the container. With new unpeeled walnut being continuously fed, stripped and discharged. The distance between the barrier and cutting hob can be adjusted automatically. Besides, it can also be manually adjusted according to the size of walnuts and the thickness of green walnut peel by expanding or narrowing the spacer, so as to reduce the damage rate and improve the removal rate.

Mechanical adjustment

After switching on the power supply, check whether the motor’s rotating direction is consistent with the blade screw rotating direction. After 10 minutes of idling, check whether there are loose nuts, tighten them if any. Check whether the wire rope brush is spread, add green walnut to it when it is spread. Adjust the gap between the barrier and hob according to the size of walnut.