Walnut cracker machine sell to America

Walnut cracker machine could break the hard shells of dry walnut, hazelnut, almonds, and other nuts. America is an important walnut production country. And this walnut hard shell breaking machine is a convenient machine for walnut farmers, and it could use in a walnut production line or as the pre-processing step of walnut snack food. So how do we use this walnut shelling machine?

Walnut cracker machine characteristics

The walnut shelling machine is the second generation product developed by our company, which is 40-50 times that of artificial walnut shells.
The walnut sheller is light in weight (220KG), small in size, and easy to transport. The operation is simple, the use is flexible, and the shell-breaking efficiency is high.

The classified walnuts enter the pecan dehulling machine. The shell breaking rate is higher than 98%, and the walnut kernel breakage rate is less than 5%. It is suitable for small walnut processing enterprises and walnut processing businesses with a daily processing capacity of 4-5 tons. The gap of the shell-breaking rollers can adjust arbitrarily from 15 to 40 mm. After adjusting the gap, the machine can peel the whole kernel.


This machine uses 220V lighting electricity (or 380V power electricity), power 1.1KW, energy-saving, and electricity saving. This machine has a low failure rate, long life, and easy maintenance.

The factory also produces the green walnut peeling machine, which can use as a complete set.

Machine structure

The walnut cracker machine consists of a frame, a rotor, a motor, a fan, a screen, a hopper, a V-belt, and a driving V-belt.

Walnut cracker machine in america
walnut cracker machine in America

Instructions for using pecan dehulling machine

  1. After the machine runs normally, put the walnuts evenly and continuously into the hopper. Walnuts broke under repeated blows, frictions, and collisions of the rotor.
  2. Under the rotating wind pressure and blows of the rotor, the walnut kernels and shells are separated from the large-hole screen through a screen with a certain aperture.
  3. After the screening, the small skin fruits separate with small-hole screens for secondary peeling, filtering, and separation.
  4. The walnut shells and grains blow out of the machine body by the blowing force of the rotating fan. And the heavier fruits screen through a vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

This pecan dehuller can peel dry walnuts, separate walnut shells, and kernels. It can also apply to peel other nuts, such as hazelnuts and almonds.