Cashew Nut Sieving Machine


Machine instruction

Cashew kernel classifying machine independently developed by our company is a machine specially designed for cashew grading. It can divide cashew nuts into different specifications, and it is easy to operate. Moreover, this cashew machine is the final processing of the whole production. But it is different from the raw cashew graidng machine in the first step of processing.

Working Principle of Cashew Nut Sieving Machine

This grader machine is mainly used for the classification of cashew nuts. Since cashew nuts have uneven size, they are generally divided into three grades. As the machine consists of three layers of rollers, and cashew kernels are classified by adjusting the gap between rollers, which is a truely clever design.

Feature of Cashew Nut Sieving Machine

  • Simple Operation

The cashew sieving machine is simple to operate, so one person can classify cashew kernels.

  • High Efficancy

The reasonable design and exquisite structure enable the machine classify large amounts of cashew kernels at one time. Besides, when the machine is working, it causes low noise and pollution.

  • Best Service

The grader machine has one-year warranty. At any time, when the customer has questions about our machine operating, we will provide clear guide.


Model Capacity voltage size weight power
TZ-100 400kg/h 380v 2.3*0.8*1.6m 180kg 1.1kw