Semi-automatic cashew sheller


Working principle:

The semi-automatic cashew sheller is a special cashew nut machine for removing cashew nut shell. The cashew should be divided into 3-5 grades by the width of the cashew first or by the classifier, then the six entry points of the cashew sheller, the manual operation of the mechanical opening device, the cashew nuts into the blade, the operating lever, the rod driving the blade close, the squeezing of the cashew and the shell cracking. This process is simple, easy to operate, and efficient in shelling.

Application of Semi-automatic cashew sheller:

Mainly used for Cashew shelling

Feature of Semi-automatic cashew sheller:

  1. Easy to operate, easy to handle
  2. High efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving
  3. Low breakage rate

Parameter of Semi-automatic cashew sheller:

Model TZ-BZD
Size 1300*800*1100mm
Sheller rate 95%
Weight 120kg
Capacity 35-40kg/h

Spara parts:

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