Semi-automatic Cashew Sheller

A semi-automatic cashew sheller is a special machine for removing cashew shells. It is mainly for cracking cashew nuts in a whole production line or as a single machine. Customers could make machines for specific capacities. And there are two types of machines for choice. Since it operates manually, this sheller could also save electrical energy.

Working Principle

Firstly, the cashew nuts should be divided into 3-5 grades by the width of the cashew or by the cashew classifier. And then these nuts are put into the six entry points of the cashew sheller. Secondly, a worker operates the mechanical opening device manually. And the cashew nuts go through the blade, the operating lever. The rod drives the blade close, squeezes the cashew, and cracks the shell. This process is simple and the shelling is efficient.

Watch the Video of the machine

It starts from the middle of the video.

Features of Semi-automatic Cashew Sheller

  • Simple Operation

Although this sheller is not automatic, the learning steps are easy to learn and handle.

  • High Efficiency

The semi-automatic cashew sheller could crack six or more nuts at one time. It is time-saving and labor-saving.

  • Low breakage rate

The shelling machine could protect the whole shape of cashew nuts to the maximum extent. It causes less damage to the appearance.


Semi-automatic cashew shelling
Pneumatic semi-automatic cashew cracker
ModelMechanical semi-automaticPneumatic semi-automatic
Size1300*800*1100mm 1300*800*1100mm
Weight 140kg 120kg
Control methodbutton control
Speed motor0.55kw
Voltage380/220V±5% selected
Air pressureabout 0.3kg
Sheller rate95% 95%
Whole kernel rate 95% 95%

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