The Latest Walnut Drying Method

Walnut processing

At present, the commonly used walnut drying methods are mainly categorized into intelligent or semi-intelligent mechanical drying equipment, as well as self-built walnut drying oven and walnut drying furnace. The mechanical automatic walnut drying equipment adopts the smokeless processing design, and the self-built drying kilns can be divided into two versions: the smokeless baking kiln and the smokeless baking kiln. No matter what kind of equipment baking, the feature of baking temperature change is according low – high – low.

Walnut drying machine 2

The following are introduction for the drying method of intelligent walnut drying equipment: as known as new walnut smokeless oven, the new walnut drying equipment is popular for its intelligent temperature control, smoke pollution free, with its fresh walnut drying output about 500-1000 kg per operation, and for facilitating walnut processing and for increasing the benefits for farmers, heating temperature are set for about 45 degrees when walnut dryer are released from factory. Only wood shall be added manually throughout the drying process. Coal and other fuels can be adopted as power supply for walnut drying machine characterized by automatic temperature control with timely dehumidification. Before drying, preheat the chamber, then pour the peeled fresh walnuts evenly onto the drying tray for continuous evenly heat. During the walnut drying process, the oven door will be closed for about 36 to 40 hours. Shuliy’s Walnut Dryer, is the most advanced equipment in China, with high efficiency and is characterized by energy saving, shorten drying time, perfect drying quality, easy operation, stable performance, safe and reliable, and notably, is popular for its wide range of application.