How to dry cashew nut in bulk?

The drying equipment is designed, developed, and produced especially for nuts, vegetable, fruit, and traditional Chinese medicine drying. It can dehydrate and dry raw materials into finish products such as traditional Chinese medicine, dried fruits, chili peppers, vegetables. The heat source used in the mechanical dryer is the pure hot air provided by the hot Read More

To Buy Automatic Fresh Walnut Shelling Machine

Walnut is a high-nutrition food can be eaten directly or be served after being processed into subsidiary products. Before eating, the shell need to be peeled off is such a chore to people. Since the advanced automatic walnut sheller was invented, people are free from the laborious shelling work. With the development of the walnut market, the shelling device Read More

The Latest Walnut Drying Method

At present, the commonly used walnut drying methods are mainly categorized into intelligent or semi-intelligent mechanical drying equipment, as well as self-built walnut drying oven and walnut drying furnace. The mechanical automatic walnut drying equipment adopts the smokeless processing design, and the self-built drying kilns can be divided into two versions: the smokeless baking kiln Read More

Versatile Large Walnut Dryer

Shuliy Machinery’s walnut dryer is widely used for walnut, pepper, almonds drying and dehydration, etc. It has the biggest advantage of dual heating methods of coal or wood burning, with a capacity of drying less than 10,000kg within 30 hours, which can greatly save time and energy, and when temperature rises to a certain degreed, Read More