How to Process Cashew Nuts?

As the basic step, the shelled raw cashew nuts shall be steamed in a high steaming stove. This step is aim for create a space between the cashew kernel and cashew shell; secondly, drying the steamed cashew nut in shade for 24 hours; thirdly, crack the cashew with shell, then remove shell manually. Before cooking the cashew nuts, a tedious work shall be done by manual work—to shell off the outer peel of the cashew kernel. Sounds simple to us, but even workers wearing pairs of gloves, the toxic liquid the cashew nut exuded during the processing can cause serious allergic reaction like blistering hands. Meanwhile, the cashew shelling cost too much of man-hour, but the workers only get cheap salary for donging this laborious job. After the manual cashew nut processing, dry the cashew kernels on heated multi-layer racks, during this step, shovel the cashews over and over by hands for evenly baking. At last, the cashew membrane shall be peeled off. Then, the processed cashew nuts made are ready to be packed into products on the market shelf.

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