Cashew kernel classifying machine

Cashew Nut Sieving Machine

Cashew nut sieving machine independently developed by our company is a machine specially designed for cashew grading. It is easy to operate.

Almond shelling machine

Almond shelling machine

The almond shelling machine is simple equipment for shelling apricot kernels, with single-stage shell breaking and adjustable gap.

Apricot seed separator

Apricot Seed Separator

The apricot seed separator is used to remove kernels of apricot by adjusting the gaps between the inner spiral barrels of the machine.

Chestnut shelling machine

Chestnut shelling machine

Chestnut shelling machine separates chestnut and shells automatically. It could shell completely and it’s no need for secondary sorting.

Sacha inchi seed shelling machine

Sacha Inchi seed sheller

This sacha inchi seeds sheller machine can separate the shell and kernel, after shelling can get the seeds to processing oil.

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