Manual walnut peeling VS mechanical walnut peeler


Manual walnut peeling:

  1. Choose healthy, disease free, pest free, intact walnut, after harvest.
  2. Place walnuts with green peel in the ventilated warehouse in the shade. A few days after the walnut green skin wrinkles and shrivels the green walnut peel and walnut will separate naturally.
  3. Depending on the actual amount of dirt, submerge the walnut in clean water of natural temperature for 30-100 minutes, then brush walnuts with toothbrush walnuts, so that the bottom of walnut will contact with water completely. Otherwise, due to the effect of the tension of the water, the bubbles emerged from the oxidation of walnut peel will separate the green walnut peel from the water. After the remnants picked out one with a needle, use the toothbrush to clean up the walnut surface repeatedly until clean.
  4. But to a surface of the walnut, where the green skin covered will turn black, therefore this manual peeling is not suitable for the commodity walnut processing.
  5. Do not wash walnuts with detergent, cleaning agent and alike for these chemical agents have extremely strong permeability, which is prone to cause walnut cracking!
  6. After cleaning up the walnut surface, remove the water remains on walnut with paper towel immediately, then expose the peeled walnut in the open air and dry in the sun completely for at least three days to one week! Do not seal walnuts into the packages or bags. Wait until the water on the walnut surface completely dissipates before packaging to prevent cracking!

Artificial ripening:

Spray over the green peel with liquid evenly. After a whole day, the peel will separate automatically.

green walnut peeling machine

Mechanical peeling machine:

The green walnut peeling machine of Shuliy is developed after laborious practical experiments, data collected from the customers’ feedbacks, and sufficient researches. The green walnut peeler can dispose of fresh walnuts to obtain the ideal effect of peeling and cleaning walnut thoroughly and efficiently.

Almond Slicing Machine


Product structure of the almond slicer/walnut slicer/cashew nut slicer machine:

Nut slicer machine is widely used in the intensive production of peanut kernels, almonds, cashew kernels, walnut kernels and other nuts for slicing.

The nut slicing machine is composed of frame, motor, rotary cutter, positioning device, and feeding hopper and outlet hopper.

The nut slicing machine is equipped with fixed and universal wheels, which are easy to move. Two supporting bolts are installed at the lower part of the nut slicer machine, which functions as the bracket during production so as to make the machine working stably.


Working principle:

Put the peanuts into the hopper and adjust the quantitative gate of the hopper to adjust the amount of peanut feeding. When the peanuts drop down to the feed locator for forced positioning, the rotating knife plate can be rotated at high speed to slice the peanuts.

The Advantage of Almond Slicer:

  1. The almond slicing machine is compact in structure, durable in use, ease of operation.
  2. As an all-in-one slicer, it can process all kinds of nuts, so that it saves investment in equipment purchasing.
  3. The quality high-speed stainless steel blades are mounted inside of the peanut slicer, which has sharp edges and long service life. The stainless steel construction of the almond slicing machine meets the international standard on food hygiene. Besides, all parts contacting with the raw materials are made of 304 stainless steel.
  4. The advanced pneumatic feeding device is adopted. After pouring the almond/cashew nut/walnut through the feeding hopper then into the slicing chamber, under the pressing force of the pneumatic feeding device the nuts are conveyed into the cutter and to reach the ideal slicing effect. The thickness of walnut slices/ cashew nut slices/almond slices is adjustable meeting the production requirement.
  5. High quality with reasonable price, the cashew nut slicer is cost-effective and worth investing.

Final product:

peanut-slices-amond-slicer machine

Principle parameters:

Power Dimension Weight Capacity
380V/50Hz/1.5kw 1000×650×1200 mm 220kg 50—300kg/h

Current State of Packaging Machine under the Belt & Road

Expanding the network of “the Belt and Road” initiative brings new challenges to China’s food packaging industry, which is a process of gradual integration “the Belt and Road” initiative involves more than 60 countries extending from Asia, Europe to Africa. It should be said that there is a large market space for China’s food packaging industry. Meanwhile, the current states of development of countries as participants of “the Belt and Road” initiative vary from relatively mature and state-of-the-art to backward and out-of-date, which also poses a new challenge to the development of China’s food packaging industry.

First, participant countries of the “One Belt And One Road” have different standards on food packaging standards and food safety supervision. Although China’s food safety standards after being integrated and selected is still far from perfection for problems are still hanging out there due to little attention has been attached to the pre-packaged food safety standard, and many

problems are still unsolved as well as the insufficient samples, which lead to the result that we fail to keep up with the development of international standards of food packaging safety standards,   the internationalization of China’s food industry is restricted. Therefore, improving the standard system and strengthening the connection with international standards are the inevitable request for China develop their food industry under “the Belt and Road” initiative.

packing machine

Second, to go aboard, China’s food packaging enterprises need to strengthen their investment in e-commerce platform and technical support for food packaging e-commerce is a rapidly developing industry in the field of international trade. Enterprises should attach importance to and devote themselves to the construction of the online business channel.

Automatic cashew nut packing machine

Third, it should adapt itself to the demands of the international market and transform flexibly. Nowadays, food packing machines focus more on portability and freshness of packed food rather than large capacity. Therefore, the machinery produced by high-end mini-sized packaging equipment with improved packaging speed, as well as the sealing accuracy and appearance by improving the equipment performance. Shuliy as the leading brand in food processing equipment industry dedicating to the upgrading of packing method has become a driving force of the development of China’s packing industry.

Although it is a long-term integration process for China’s food packaging enterprises to materialize the vision of making improvement under the request of “the Belt and Road” initiative. Enterprises like Shuliy should face up to the challenge, and make a change in time in accordance with the initiative.

Does Macadamia Grow with the Crack Naturally?


macadmia cracking machine


Macadamia is a delicious, nutritious nut, which is adored by many of us leading a healthy lifestyle. But have you wondered that how the seam on macadamia is created?

Does Macadamia grow with the crack naturally?

to Open a Macadamia Nut?

The neat and straight crack on macadamia nut is not created by itself, but are cut by Macadamia Nut Cracker Machine factory outlet. Therefore, the seam on the macadamia shell surface is very smooth and regular, with similar length and depth. In addition, Hawaii nut will also naturally crack, but the natural crack is generally narrow and irregular.

Macadamia nuts can be eaten directly for its nutritious value and delicious taste. Of course, if you like, you can also use the nuts as an ingredient to cook dishes, cook porridge, and make desserts and so on. It’s important to note that macadamia nuts are high in fat and benefit cardiovascular to serve moderately, but too much serve of the macadamia will lead to the opposite effect.

How to open the macadamia?

The macadamias we buy on the market, processed by macadamia nut cracker machine factory outlet, always comes with a “key”, that is not a track in order to increase the weight of the net weight but a special tools for plugging into the macadamias cracks, screw the key, then nutshell will be separated into two automatically. The macadamia kernel is ivory, with thick creamy fragrance.

How to open the macadamia with narrowed crack?


What should you do when cracks on macadamia nut the macadamia nut cracker machine become narrower due to moisture? Door cracking? That will leads to a broken door. With your teeth? That’s out of the question. In fact, it is also very simple: you can sundry it, and by the power of nature, the crack will gradually expanded due to the water loss gently, then hit open the macadamia with a hammer in a moderate force to prevent the broken kernel. Remember to cushion a wooden board or a piece of cloth underneath the macadamia in case of causing damage to floor or table.

Why Walnut Tastes bitter


Walnut is an ideal choice for food therapy, can also be used as medicine, eat walnuts can strengthen the body and brain, tonify kidney, relief cough and asthma, relax the bowel, but we will find that sometimes walnut taste bitter. Let’s explore the reason of the bitterness of walnut.

Walnut nutrition value

Walnut edible parts per 100 grams, protein content is 15.4 grams, fat content is 63 grams, of which unsaturated fatty acids account for 86% of fat, walnut also contains calcium 108 grams, phosphorus 329 mg, iron 3.2 mg, thiamine 0.32 mg, copper, magnesium, vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin B1,etc.

Why walnuts taste bitter

Walnut has sweet taste, mild temper, non-toxic, slightly bitter, slightly astringent. In traditional Chinese medicine, walnut kernel skin has the function of astringent and styptic treatment. Among them, the bitterness in walnut comes from the brown skin of walnut kernel, which is a normal phenomenon.

How to do with the walnut’s bitterness

walnut processing line

Some people cannot adapt to the bitter taste of walnuts, but the bitter skin can be removed, in order to remove astringency. There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: peel walnuts and soak them in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. It is easy to peel walnuts and use toothpicks and other tools.

Method 2: To peel the skin from the walnut kernel, first the walnuts shall be shelled by walnut shelling machine, then through sterilization and drying by the thermal drying machine, cracks will be created to facilitate the peeling of the walnut skin.

What kind of bitter walnuts can’t be eaten?

Walnut of slightly astringent bitter can be eaten, but when the walnut kernel is not white or a little yellow, and taste a little spicy with a bitter and spicy flavor, then it should not be eaten for it is likely to be the rancid deterioration of walnut oil; the moldy walnuts should not be eaten to avoid the intake of aflatoxin, causing fatal food intoxicant.

To prolong the shelf life of motorway walnuts, the vacuum packing machine can be adopted.

How to Choose Full Walnut

Freshly harvested walnuts are wrapped in the thick fleshy green skin that needs to be removed, but after removing the green skin, the skin of the walnut is darkened or stained by the green juice exuded from the green shell. So how does it turn black? Because the green peel of walnut contains a large number of tannin juice, which will oxygenize, tannic acid and Gallic acid and other substances under the oxidation reaction will make walnut’s surface turn black. Walnut dried through natural air with skin unpeeled is inclined to turn black for the green peel stains the walnut shell deeply. For this reason, fruit farmers had better choose green walnut peeling machine to ensure the pleasing appearance of walnut and to avoid moldy shell.


How to choose walnuts? green walnut peeling machine

steps1. Check the pattern

Look at the pattern on the walnut shell, if the pattern is relatively intensive and light, it must be good. Because during the walnut growth process, those patterns are conveyers for nutrient transport. Thus, the more patterns, the more nutrients walnut has absorbed.

Steps2. Smell walnuts

Many walnuts sold in the market have been bleached, which makes them look perfect, but it is harmful to the human body. Because many walnut shells are not completely crack free, therefore, when they are soaked into the bleach agent for a long time, it can easily lead to bleach water entering the walnut and contaminate the walnut kernel. So it is necessary to smell walnuts to see if there is a fragrance or odor, then this kind of walnuts can be bought, if there is bleach or moldy smell, sour smell and other odors, it is best not to buy.

Steps3. Weigh it in your hands

Hold a walnut in your hand and weigh it. If it is relatively heavy, it is a good walnut. Don’t just look at the size, pay more attention to the weight of the walnut. I have seen a lot of big hollow walnuts, while a lot of small walnuts contains full kernels.

Steps 4. Observe walnuts

Pick a walnut, crack open it to observe the inside of the walnut, if its membrane is full and yellow and is of healthy luster, then it must be a quality walnut. And if the walnuts are black or brown and dotted by black spots, they are moldy.